Wednesday, 22 June 2016

[Coin News] 2016 Royal Australian Mint Northern Sky Series - Ursa Major (大熊座) Dome Shaped Proof Silver Coin 1oz

Following the sell-out release of the domed coin paying tribute to the Greek mythological story of Cassiopeia, the Northern Sky series continues with this tribute to one of the world’s most famous constellations. With the same combination of colour printing, fine silver and the innovative dome shape, it will capture the imagination of coin collectors and astronomy buffs in the same way that the constellation has won the hearts of stargazers for centuries.

Those who gaze at the stars in the northern celestial hemisphere are treated year-round to the sight of one of the world’s most famous constellations. Ursa Major Latin for ‘the larger/greater she-bear’) has been a key feature of astronomy, navigation and folklore since its declaration by Ptolemy in the Second Century AD.

Country : Australia

Year : 2016

Purity : Silver

Finish : Coloured Print Proof

Denomination : AUD5

Weight : 1oz

Diameter : 39.62mm

Thickness : N/A

Mintage : 5000