Sunday, 18 January 2015

2015 中國熊貓金幣3.110克 1/10安士NGC MS70首發 (2015 CHINESE GOLD PANDA 50YUAN 3.110GRAM 1/10OZ NGC MS70 FIRST RELEASES)

2015 中國熊貓金幣3.110克 (1/10安士) NGC MS70首發


The graded gold and silver pandas of 2015 are not cheap, lucky that I got them all when the gold price drops (even with extra discount!).

It's good that I bought most of my coins myself, so that I didn't have to wait and join any group-buy or help-buy. This saves me both time and money. The gold price won't always be low, only buying directly from dealers can catch these rare moments. Skipping the handling fee also allows me to save more.

Many dealers are now accepting Paypal, in other words, quality of the coins is guaranteed. Why stay and wait for the group-buy or help-buy? Buying coins with spots is not fun.

Take the PAMP SUISSE Lunar Series Year of the Goat as an example. It was AUD $250 each. The recent drop of AUD seems can save me a lot. However, Perth Bullion increased the price to AUD $27x because of the drop. This makes the bar cost me even more! I'm still waiting for my chance to get it in a better price.